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The ACP Sheet (Aluminium Composite Panel) is a new-age material used for architectural building exteriors, interiors, and signage applications. ACP Sheets is also known as ‘Sandwich Panels’, comprising two aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core produced by sandwiching layers of aluminum foil and LDPE and fusing them under intense heat and pressure. ACP Panels’ seamless finish gives a sophisticated and finished look to any exteriors, interiors, and signage. It is designed with superior Anti-Fade and Anti-Scratch Technologies highly recommended for extremely contemporary & modern buildings and cladding. ACP has a comparatively long life due to unbreakable material, UV Resistant, and resistance to stain.

Aluminum Composite Panels comes with exclusive features such as Light Weight, Easy to Install, Eco Friendly, Weather Resistance, Termite Proof, Durability, UV Resistant, Incredible variety, Fully Recyclable & Swelling or Shrinkage Free. You will find ACP Sheets in a variety of textures, colors, shades, sizes, and designs to meet the industry’s purposes and needs. The excellent designs of ACP Panels can adapt to the theme and shape of the exteriors and interiors design. ACP Sheet is made with user-friendly material that can be bent, folded, and turned into shapes. 

Types of ACP Sheet

  • Anti-Scratch ACP Sheet
  • Natural Wood ACP Sheet
  • Natural Stone ACP Sheet
  • Sparkle | Mirror | Brush ACP Sheet
  • Dazzling Metallic ACP Sheet
  • Solid ACP Sheet
  • HPL Sheet ACP Sheet

Applications of the ACP Sheet are as follows

Exterior claddings

Exterior claddings incredibly change the structure’s outside with insignificant endeavors ensuring durability. Exterior wall cladding is a high-performance material that also serves as a protective skin for the building and its interiors.

Interior cladding

A few years back, ACP usewas limited to outdoor cladding such as exterior building cladding. Today, ACP is used for both internal and external purposes used to decorate the interior. It is used as a decorative material for interiors such as false ceilings, doors, ducting, kitchen, wall cladding, bathrooms, home, and hotel balconies. 


Most office systems today use a floor area at the maximum optimal level. ACP has become the most popular cost-effective material available in a wide spectrum of partitioning products. ACP Sheets are highly durable and resistant to wear and tear of UV Resistant.


These days most of the big signature building uses ACP Sheet giving an excellent outlook to the exterior. It is used in a wide variety of flexible exterior signs, like signage and hoardings. ACP sheets are extremely popular among Architects due to the premium quality materials and other exclusive features.




 ACP Designer pan



ACP Facade Cladding

Why Choose ACP Sheet as a Facade Material?

  • Fire Resistance: ACP sheets originate with an FR grade feature. If aluminum is already FR proof and it does not catch fire up to 600 ° C.
  • Wide-Variety: ACP panels are manufactured in a wide variety of colors, designs, variants, and textures to perfectly suit the application of the building.
  • Weather Resistance: Brilliant external stability within the same ambient temperature of – 52 to + 80o Celsius and low thermal expansion.
  • Durable: Aluminium Composite Panels comes with 11 years of warranty making them the strongest material for modern building façade or exterior. 
  • Cost-Effective: ACP Sheet is a very inexpensive cladding material compared to other options present on the market with a wide range of colors.
  • Robust: Aluminium panel has an extremely long life due to unbreakable material, temperature tolerant, and resistant to stain though it is lightweight

Which is the best ACP Manufacturing brand in India? 

There are hundreds of brands in the market manufacturing ACP Sheets, hence choosing the finest quality for your building is very important. Popular brands like E3, Urodecor, Alutech, Interior Décor are the most reliable brands. They never compromise on quality & design variety and are innovated after several quality tests. E3 Group is the largest manufacturing company and the first company to establish an ACP manufacturing Plant in South India. ACP Panels are designed with superior Anti-Fade and Anti-Scratch Technologies and are 90o Bendable. E3 ACP Sheet production capacity is 4 million sq. mt. /annum and is gradually increasing the production by diversifying ACP options such as Exterior ACP sheets, Interior ACP Sheets, ACP Signage Board, Partition Panel, Wooden and Marble ACP Sheets, and ATM Sheets.