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Your home deserves powerful protection from the elements. Ace carries a full range of indoor and outdoor waterproof sealants to safeguard your home's structure and appearance. Shop our assortment of top-rated products to find the solutions you need to support your home.

Concrete and Driveway Sealers 

Protect your concrete driveway, patio, sidewalk or pool deck against staining, winter salt erosion, and everyday scuffs and scrapes. Our selection of weatherproof and waterproof sealants can even keep concrete basements and foundations protected against leaks, even in extremely wet conditions.

Choose from water-based sealants for easy application and a natural look, or rubberized or latex-based formulas for tougher protection and higher gloss.

Our concrete and driveway sealants come in containers of up to five gallons to handle the biggest jobs with ease. We also stock the accessories you need, including:

  • Concrete cleaners for driveway aftercare
  • Asphalt crack fillers and repair kits for minor fixes
  • Heavy-duty brushes for quickly covering large areas

Wood Sealant 

In the yard, make your fences, garden structures and furniture stand the test of time by adding a decorative waterproofing paint that both protects and enhances looks.

Many of our wood sealants offer extra protection against mold, mildew, termites and other insect attacks to head off structural problems that could potentially be difficult and expensive to fix. Some are even designed to revitalize and restore weather-damaged wood with finishes that won’t crack, peel or flake.

Available in both oil-based and water-based types, and in sizes from 1 quart to 6 gallons, our waterproof sealant sprays and paints can handle everything from a small garden gate to a large area of decking or beyond.

Roof and Foundation Coatings 

Your home's roof and foundations need complete protection to last a lifetime. Keep the elements out with our sealants designed with silicone, asphalt, rubber and aluminum. Available in containers from one to five gallons, our roof and foundation coatings are ideal for treating buildings both large and small. Our waterproofing sealants come in clear, semi-transparent and solid finishes that can also improve your curb appeal.

Grout and Stone Sealers 

Our grout and stone sealers offer a combination of powerful water protection and improved appearance. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they add water resistance to tiling and masonry while also protecting against the wear and tear of daily life.

Silicone sealant sprays make covering large areas simple. Look for accessories like grout applicators for detail work, plus protective wipes that help provide hassle-free treatment for work surfaces and walls.

Our range includes topical products for fast-drying protection and penetrating sealants that can last for years to come. Both types are safe and effective for your home, yet powerful enough for commercial use.

Waterproofing Sealants for Every Home 

Whether you’re performing regular home maintenance tasks or putting the protective finishing touches on a new structure, our rubber, silicone, aluminum and other waterproofing sealants provide lasting results at great prices. Order online for free delivery or in-store pickup, or head to your neighborhood Ace store for expert know-how from our helpful staff.