Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom floor tiles play an important role in the interior design of your home. They create the setting, look, and feel of the room, and are also an important part of your home’s cohesive style. In fact, bathroom floor tiles can set the tone for all your bathroom decor choices, bringing the room together with their solid style. For wall tiles, see our bathroom wall tiles collection.


Our collection of bathroom floor tiles has been hand-picked for their durability, ease of maintenance, and stunning aesthetic.  Available in a wide choice of stunning colors, material, shapes, and sizes, these bathroom floor tiles offer significant creative scope in design. 

Whether you are looking for hexagon, concrete look, subway, herringbone, travertine, matte, or pattern tiles, they are all one click away. We have everything you'd want from your bathroom tiles. Thinking of having a bathroom feature floor? Learn more about this in our How to Nail Your Bathroom Feature post. So, don’t limit yourself to the same-old boring tile options: free your mind and enhance your home. 

Do you need help picking a product? No problem. Our design experts are passionate about DIY and can help you select the perfect tiles for your space and your budget. You can also order samples of your top picks so you can see what your bathroom floor tiles will look and feel like in your home.

See what we have in store. Shop our selection of bathroom floor tiles now.

To select the best tiles for your bathroom floors, choose tiles with surface texture. Tiles with surface texture are great for bathrooms as they are moisture-resistant and stain-resistant. They also have a slightly rough surface, making them anti-skid and perfect for wet, slippery bathrooms.
Yes, you can paint bathroom floor tiles. However, you may be unsatisfied with the finished look because the bathroom is high-traffic and moisture-prone area, which means that the paint will most likely wear away, flake off, or bubble with time.
No, it is not recommended that you use wall tiles on the bathroom floor as they are not durable enough. Wall tiles are thinner than floor tiles and, therefore, unable to handle foot traffic and heavy loads. Using wall tiles on your bathroom floor will most likely result in breakage of the tile.