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Beautiful laser-cut steel screens that can be used in a seemingly endless number of applications. 

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We have a range of unique designs in our portfolio to cater for a variety of tastes, desired uses and potential locations and settings.

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Now available in the United States.

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Be Metal Be Laser Cut Screens are the Perfect Construction Material for DIY Projects

At Be Metal Be, we specialize in beautiful laser-cut metal screens that can be used in a seemingly number of ways - indoors or outdoors, in the home or outdoor entertaining area, public spaces or for commercial applications.


Our premium-quality decorative steel screens come in a range of different designs.


All of our screens go through a special rusting process and are then coated with a sealant to slow ongoing oxidization, giving each screen a beautiful unique and organic appearance perfect for nearly any application.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to finding projects you can do with Be Metal Be Laser Cut Privacy Screens. They are the perfect material for your DIY projects, in the home, garden or office.



When you get home from work, everyone wants some time to themselves free of busybodies and nosy neighbors. Fences make good neighbors, but privacy screens make them even better! Our screens can be added to any existing fence to block lines of site while looking fantastic. They also make great balustrades for decks and balconies, serving double duty as a safety barrier and a privacy screen.


Our screens also make excellent pool fencing. Not only do they create a great solid safety barrier, they also offer piece of mind, allowing you or your kids to enjoy your pool without having to worry about prying eyes.



Our laser cut metal screens can accentuate the beauty of any garden or outdoor area. A few well-placed panels can give structure to any garden, can serve as an eye-catching piece of garden art, or as a beautiful trellis for climbing plants.


Our screens make an excellent backdrop to a spectacular flowering plant, or can be used to create a tranquil rest area away from the cares of the world. The pre-rusted surface of the panels lends them an organic warmth that blends beautifully with nature.


If you have a space under your house that you use for storage, some laser cut privacy panels make an excellent barrier that not only blocks the clutter from view, but adds to the beauty of your house.



Our laser cut privacy screens are obviously excellent for shielding you and your property from lookie-loos, but that’s not all they are good for. A screen can be a beautiful thing in and of itself. A panel lent against a wall can be an alluring feature, but that’s only the beginning of what you can do with laser cut steel privacy screens.


Each panel comes pre-drilled, so they’re easy to install as the focus of a feature wall. With some backlighting, a screen can become a beautiful piece of lightbox art. Add some legs and you have the top of a lovely table fit for any fancy dining room. With a little effort and imagination, you can make some truly spectacular decorations.



If you work in an open plan office and need to demarcate some space, why use boring old office partitions or room dividers when you can make something that is both structurally sound and visually pleasing with our laser cut privacy screens?


Maybe you live in a studio apartment and would prefer not to be stuck in one big room. A room divider made from our decorative metal screens can help add some structure to your home, separating living and sleeping areas, or rest and entertainment.


A few panels in a bedroom can cordon off space for a home office, or if used in a living room can create a private reading nook. They can be used to add some privacy to a shared bedroom or as a stunning changing screen. How you use them is up to you!

We'd love to see how you've used out laser cut steel privacy screens. Send us any pics or links to your projects!




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