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10 Best Roof Sealant Options for Your Leaks

10 Best Roof Sealant Options for Your Leaks

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The roof is one of the most essential parts of your home (duh). It protects you from the rain, snow, and all the other elements.

Often times, you will find that your roof has been damaged and you can’t wait for professional help.

Protect your roof, and in turn, protect yourself from leaks and the sun with the best roof sealants for your particular roof!

Best Roof Sealants for You

There are many ways a roof sealant can be for you. The type of sealant you should get depends on the type of roof and your current location.

  • What shape is your roof?
  • What is it made of?
  • What are the weather conditions in your building, house, or vehicle?
  • Do you need to do some flashing?


Picking the roof sealant for you can be complicated but let’s simplify it with the list below.

Best Overall – L R Waterproof Sealant

Let’s get right to the point and introduce our choice for the best roof sealant – the Waterproof Sealant from Liquid Rubber.

This is the best all-rounder among the roof sealants. You can use it for many situations and roof types.

Metal roof, wooden roof, concrete roof, sloped roof, flat roof, you name it, this roof sealant can work with it.

This liquid rubber coating works well with running and standing water even when applied. So expect it to provide excellent water resistance.

It is also quite flexible, so you don’t need to worry about damages or breakages.

The roof sealant is also UV resistant and would be great for a place that sees a lot of sunlight. The sealant that Liquid Rubber protects from the elements, rain or shine.

This particular product is also a water-based formula, making it easy to apply to your roof. Furthermore, unlike solvent-based sealants, you don’t need to dispose of them through special means.

It comes in a gallon at around 65 USD or 5 gallons for about 190 USD. So you have a choice whether you need to cover only a tiny part of your roof or your whole roof.


  • Superior UV Resistance
  • Can be applied to a wet or dirty roof
  • Suitable for various roof-types



  • Not for flashing or precise sealing


Best Value – Gorilla Sealant Coating

Next in our roof sealants round-up, we have Gorilla’s Waterproof Patch & Seal.

This is another rubberized roof coating. It’s also pretty versatile because of its compatibility with metal roofs, concrete roofs, wooden roofs, brick roofs, and more.

Its flexible, low-odor, moisture-resistant material is easily applicable to most surfaces by brush, roll, or even just by pouring. It can also seep into those hard-to-reach small gaps.

It’s resistant to temperature fluctuations and UV rays, so you can rest easy once you’ve applied this sealant.

It comes in a few variations, like the clear one in the picture above. The clear one would be good for windows or skylights that need sealing.

But they also have a black or white roof coat if you need to match colors.

They’re sold at around 20 USD per pack, so it would be perfect not so much for covering an entire roof but for minor leaks and minor cracks.


  • Great for skylights and windows
  • Perfect for filling small spaces
  • Withstands Ultraviolet rays effectively



  • Comes in small cans only
  • Can’t cover big areas/bigger projects


Best Budget Pick – Gorilla Sealant Spray

Here’s another one from Gorilla if you liked the previous product. The Waterproof Patch & Seal is the same name as the one above, BUT it’s in a spray can this time.

So you get the benefits of the previous roof sealant but in a readily usable spray can.

So you can use it for small roof leaks, gutters, skylights, flashing, and even in plumbing-related repairs and such.

Obviously, it will not be enough for full roof coverage, but it can provide you with a couple of quick fixes.

You can get this sealant for around 17 USD per can. It also has options to buy a 2-pack or a 6-pack if you need more than just a can for your purposes and projects.


  • Easy application
  • Versatile uses
  • Lightweight and portable can
  • Cheap price point



  • Not suitable for covering your entire roof


Best for Flat Roofs – The Best Liquid Rubber From Rubber Seal

The Rubber Seal’s The Best Liquid Rubber is our recommendation for flat roofs.

Usually, a flat roof would have the problem of accumulating standing water after heavy rain. But providing a protective layer against water is one of this roof coating product’s specialties.

The thick layer you can apply with this sealant provides moisture resistance, resistance to ponding water, resistance to high temperatures, and resistance to UV exposure.

Applying two to three coats would be enough to provide long-lasting protection from elements that may damage your flat roof.

You can buy a gallon of this roof sealant for approximately 82 USD.


  • Thick roof coating
  • Outstanding roof coatings for RVs and roofs
  • Long-term protection



  • Needs a long time to fully cure


Best for Flashing – Loctite PL S30

The PL S30 Black Roof and Flashing Sealant is the flashing specialist on our list.

What is flashing? Flashing is when you put a sheet of metal on the more vulnerable seams on your roof to redirect water away.

These vulnerable gaps in your roof connect to other parts of the roof, such as chimneys, walls, and open roof valleys.

The PL S30 comes in these caulking tubes that you can use with caulk guns. You can use the caulk guns to apply the sealant with more precision and accuracy.

The polyurethane sealant creates a seal that’s resistant against water leaks but not quite resilient against UV rays.

It’s perfect for flashing purposes but not so much as a full roof coating.

One tube will cost you roughly 7 USD. There are also options for a 10-pack like the one in the picture if you need more than just one tube.


  • Great water resistance
  • Superb flashing sealant
  • Affordable



  • Not the best at fending off UV rays


Best for Quick Vehicle Leak Repair – E-SDS RV Tape

The E-SDS RV Sealant Tape is something you should probably have in your RV, boat, campers, etc. Although it says RV on the name, it certainly works on more than just RVs.

This seal tape is excellent for a quick fix on the go. RV leaking from the roof, but you’re out in the middle of nowhere? Be sure to carry this along on your trips to fix those roof leaks in a jiffy.

It’s COMPATIBLE with metal surfaces, PVC, and TPO roofing material.

It’s waterproof and provides an airtight seal to prevent moisture from seeping in.

Applying it is as easy and straightforward as exposing the adhesive backing and sticking it on just like tape.

You can get a roll of this tape for 20 USD and a longer roll for 30 USD.


  • Straightforward application
  • Conveniently portable
  • Reasonable price point



  • Cannot get into small cracks
  • Not UV Stable


Best for RV Roofs – L R RV Roof Coating

This one is also used for RVs, but unlike the previous product, this one is for MORE PERMANENT FIXES. We have another one from Liquid Rubber, the RV Roof Coating.

Although it does say that it’s for RVs, it’s a bit more versatile than that. You can apply it to metal roofs, flat roofs, concrete roofs, campers, the list goes on.

The seal tape doesn’t have any UV protection, but this liquid sealant easily checks UV protection off the list.

An RV spends a lot of time outdoors, so you need to look out for roof sun damage. You can count on this sealant to be there for you in both hot weather and cold weather.

You can apply it by painting it like the other liquid sealants on this list.

It is also another water-based sealant that is more environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and does not require any special disposal methods than solvent-based sealants.

You can get a one-gallon bucket of this roof sealant for just about 85 USD.


  • UV protection
  • Good for RVs
  • Compatible with a variety of surfaces



  • On the pricier side


Best For Inclined Roofs – Ziollo Silicone

Next up on our list is a silicone sealant from Ziollo. This is the RV Flex Repair RV Roof Sealant.

It says that it’s an RV roof sealant, but that’s not all it can do.

Silicone sealants are usually great for sloped roofs. The MAIN PROBLEM with sloped roofs is that less viscous roof sealants may run down the slope during application.

Roof sealants made out of silicone are way more viscous and can adhere to the roof’s surface.

It’s suitable for most roofs. You can apply it to a wooden, rubber, fiberglass, and metal roof.

Since this roof coating is also excellent for RVs, you can expect it to be appropriate for both hot and cold weather.

One gallon of this will cost you around 120 USD. This high price is expected for silicone roof sealants.


  • Perfect for inclined roofs
  • Compatible for most weather conditions
  • Lifetime warranty



  • Expensive


Best for Wet Applications – Flex Seal Liquid Rubber

Our next item on the list is Flex Seal Liquid Rubber.

This is another liquid sealant that can protect from both water and UV exposure.

It can be applied to various surfaces and is suitable for small leaks.

You can also use it for things other than roofs. You can use it for home repair, concrete repair, and pool repairs as well.

The sealant can stop roof leaks and prevent leaks from happening further down the line.

It’s also available in clear, black, white, and gray if you want to color match. White can also be used for better sun reflection if that’s something you’re looking for in a roof sealant.

A gallon tub costs 90 USD, but if you’re looking for a small can, you can get a 16oz can for just 15 USD. A middle option at 32oz is also available at around 30 USD.


  • Versatile uses and applications
  • Variety of size and color options



  • Pricey


Best Affordable Seal Tape – KST Coating Tape

Finally, let’s look at our last product for this roof sealant round-up, the KST Coating seal tape.

If you want a more budget seal tape, this is a decent option.

You can put this on a leaky RV roof, a leaky house roof, or even for some home repairs.

Like with the previous tape in the list, there will be no UV protection. So you may need an additional layer of sealant on top of your tape if you’re looking for something UV resistant.

But like the previous tape item, when applying, you just need to expose the adhesive backing and stick that bad boy onto your leaky surface.


  • Budget-friendly price point
  • Simple and quick application
  • Applicable for most leaky roofs



  • Quality isn’t the best; you get what you pay for


What to Know About Your Roof Coating

There are many things that you may want to know about your roof sealants before you buy them. There may be some things you need to know before applying, during, and maybe even after application.

Let’s list off a few must-knows about your roof coatings


So you put your sealant on, but how do you get it off?

You may either want to redo your sealant or renew it and may want to remove it in the future. But don’t worry, doing so is relatively easy.

To remove roof sealant, you can just use a plastic putty knife to slowly chip away or peel away at the sealant you applied to your roof or RV.

Type of Sealant

There are many different sealants out there. You can generally split your roof sealants into two main types.

  • Solvent-based sealants: provide the best protection from the elements but are more expensive, harder to apply, and require special disposal methods


  • Water-based sealants: More affordable, less expensive, easier to handle, provide less protection


You would usually find water-based sealants more available for home DIY purposes than their solvent-based counterparts.

Usually, solvent-based sealants need more careful handling and would likely have to be handled by professionals.

Under these two, you can further classify the sealants into five other categories:

  • Acrylic sealants: Usually used for deflecting UV rays. Acrylic sealants are mostly popular in sunny places or tropical regions where you need to prevent roof sun damage.


  • Polyurethane sealants: Suitable for flashing and provides water protection but not so much UV protection


  • Silicone sealants: Excellent for moisture and UV protection and can withstand heavy rain or strong sunlit regions


  • Rubber sealants: Great for both sun and rain protection; easy to apply and can even get into small leaks


  • Sealant tape: perfect for taking on a trip on an RV or boat. They are made of moisture-resistant material but can’t protect against UV


There are many types of roof coatings out there in the market.

Make sure to double-check the type of sealant to see what sealant is the best for your roof and your situation.

Moisture Gain by Weight

Some roof sealants may absorb the water that falls on them. The stored water may deteriorate the entire roof underneath.

Make sure to check if your sealant repels water rather than absorbing it in

Tensile Strength

Tensile strength refers to the amount of force your sealant can take before it breaks. This can affect how much water it can hold off and such.

Usually, a roof sealant has two tensile strengths.

  • The first tensile strength is when it’s fresh off the packaging.
  • The other is when it’s been applied or even aged.


BOTH of these are important.

It’s good to know how strong it is while you’re applying it but also equally important is how strong it will be a few months, maybe even years, down the line.

Do your research as to how well the tensile strength of your product will hold up.


Reflectivity refers to a sealant’s ability to reflect the amount of sunlight away from the building, home, RV, etc.

This is important because if it can reflect sunlight away from your building or vehicle, expect a colder temperature for your home.

In turn, this means LESS ELECTRICITY COST in keeping your place cool.

The factors that affect reflectivity are the material, color, and amount of layers you plan on applying to your roof.

If you live in a fairly hot area, it may be a good idea to get a sealant that can reflect a lot of sunlight.

Rubber, silicone, and acrylic sealants are excellent for this purpose. While you’re on that, you may as well choose a white sealant so as not to absorb more light than you probably want

Worry-Free Application

Without a doubt, you need to also keep in mind how easy the application process is.

You’re going to need to take time out of your day to get your roof all nice and leak-free. Of course, you need to know how much time you need to allocate for this activity.

Liquid rubber sealants or silicone ones will take a while to apply.

Some are easier to apply, like the ones in a spray can or a caulking tube. You need only point and shoot with these kinds of sealants.

The EASIEST to apply would be the sealant tapes. They work like regular type, and you can just slap them on, no problems.

Double-check which of these may be for you because it’s your time that will be taken up preparing these and no one else’s.

Let’s Recap the Top Picks

Now that we’re almost at the end allow us to review our 3 BEST roof sealant options you should definitely consider.

Consider these no-brainers!

Best Budget Pick: Gorilla Sealant Spray

Alright, so if you’re running on a tight budget, the Gorilla Sealant Spray is your best bet.

Sure, you can only utilize this for small leaks and other minor roofing repairs, but its lightweight design and convenient portability are impressive.

You won’t have to worry about overworking your muscles just to bring this around the house.

Best Value: Gorilla Sealant Coating

If you want a product that delivers superior value for money, go for the Gorilla Sealant Coating.

The ability to repair multiple roof types and resist extreme weather conditions are some of the reasons why this roof sealant gets runner-up honors.

Indeed, other brands can only wish to have this kind of versatility.

Best Overall: L R Waterproof Sealant

Last but least, we have to give it up for our winner, the L R Waterproof Sealant.

The water-based solvent sealant contains superior resistance to UV rays, so you can sleep easy every night, knowing your roof will be free from damage 24/7.

The compatibility with multiple roof types and easy application are additional benefits that help it bring home the “BEST OVERALL” title!


This wraps up our picks for the best roof sealants.

The best roof sealant for you, personally, will still be up to your own application, what you need out of a roof sealant, and how much time you’re willing to spend up on your roof.

We hope you found your ideal roof sealant or at least found the information you need to find it on your own. Careful on those roofs and happy sealing!

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