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Aluminium Composite Panels for Digital Printing and VISCOM

First level raw materials and highly optimized production processes!

RedBOND Composites is the European aluminium composite panel manufacturer, located in Alicante (SPAIN) with modern machinery and advanced manufacturing technology. RedBOND was created to satisfy the need to supply quality materials at competitive prices and with delivery times that were unthinkable until now.

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The key to RedBOND‘s success lies in PEOPLE, TECHNOLOGY and its FLEXIBILITY in reacting to the challenges and needs that arise in the ever-changing world in which we live.

PEOPLE are our most important asset. We care for, train and promote our staff. We believe in our people and we are strongly committed to them. We create multidisciplinary and flexible teams to offer “something different” to our clients and to all the markets we address. 

We consider our CLIENTS “partners”, long-term companions in which we can grow together. We create “win-win” relationships. We protect and help our customers in every way possible, always with a long-term vision to create long-lasting and successful business relationships. For RedBOND, the customer is our reason for being.  

RedBOND is the result of a combination of professionalism, technological development and optimization in all processes, which allow us to offer the best products, in the shortest possible time and at a low price. We seek operational excellence in each process, always complying with the most demanding European norms and regulations.