Versatile in design, the Ringlock system provides efficiency in assembly and flexibility. With a rosette providing eight positions for connection, the Ringlock system can be easily designed for challenging shape structures.   The symmetrical design of the main body provides support for heavier loading (Pecco 200kN / Quadshore 365kN) while maintaining an easy bracing method by using a scaffold tube and coupler.   Canyon's patented design, this ladder provides safe, convenient and reliable access to lorry containers by installing it onto a standard lorry sideboard (Max. 670mm).  

Typical falsework system commonly used for support of lighter load, the frame structure allows for easier comprehension of falsework design so the erection process can be simplified.


Challenging sheet pile environments can be overcome with Canyon's meticulously designed Sheet Pile Guardpost and Cantilever Bracket by providing temporary edge protection and walkway(s) for site workers.


The site's restrictions pose no challenge to these products as they are flexibly designed to be used on slope works or external terrain surfaces; both individual steps and staircases are adjustable to suit the user's needs.


Provides temporary walkway over excavation sites by clamping onto I-beam struts and pairing with typical scaffold components and accessories. This system provides ultimate efficiency for access across an excavated site.


Canyon provides a wide variety of conventional scaffolding accessories to be used in conjunction with typical scaffolding systems or as its own stand-alone component.


Our company also carries a variety of formwork accessories necessary for typical side formwork construction of columns, footing, pile cap, walls, beams, etc. 



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