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Aluminium double swing driveway gates

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Discover our range of Aluminium double swing gates

Each Mister Gates Direct's gate is made of 100% recyclable aluminium, a perfect combination of light weight and robustness. Easy to use by all family members. All gates are mechanically assembled by skilled craftsmen, each gate is unique and designed to protect your home for many years.

100% customisation mode

At Mister Gates Direct we offer many styles of mixed infill or full boarded driveway aluminium gates. Design your own gate to match with the style of your choice. Protect and decorate your home in style.

All our driveway aluminium gates are fully customised and uniquely produced according to your needs and wishes. You can choose among classic, contemporary or modern designs, select the right width and height of the gate and finally the colour you are looking for.

Mister Gates Direct, your reference for double swing driveway gates

The Aluminium double swing driveway gates are available in different seaside resistant RAL colours including wood effect. We use state-of-the-art materials and finishing which protects and embellishes your homes entrance.

Standard & Bespoke size configurator

We propose a fully customised service at a remarkably reasonable price. As soon as you have chosen one of the gate models, you can select a standard width and height. The measures mentioned here do correspond to the size of the driveway gate itself. Attention: take into account an extra space of 22 mm for each leaf for the pivoting hinges. If you need more information, just check out "Take your measurements".

If you have specific measure between the posts, you can use our bespoke configurator. Measure the exact width between the posts and use the variable bar to enter the right width and height you want. It's really that simple, we will produce the exact measures of your dual swing gate. For a maximum safety during transport, all our products will arrive fully packed in foam and shrink wrapped. Last but not least, all our gates comes with a 16-year manufacturer guarantee.

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