About Mitsuwa Industries Limited

We have been successful as a trading company, dearling mainly “wire cloth”,
“synthetic stencil”, “filter cloth” and “self adhesive film” all over the world
for more than fifty years.
We have also established our business, dealing wire and synthetic filter assemblies
for automotive and any kind of filtration industries.

Our most important concept is that we have been traying to make our best effort
to make customers satisfaction in price, delivery and quality.
If you are interested in our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Our staff will be able to support your requirements all the time.

We look forward to serving you !!

Company Profile

Company Name Mitsuwa Industries Limited
Address 2-13-33, Fukae-kita, Higashinari-ku, OSAKA 537-0001, JAPAN
Phone Number 81-6-6974-5551
Facsimile 81-6-6974-5554
E-mail info@mitsuwa-co.jp
Established OCTOBER, 1966
Capital Stock 10 million yen
President Munehiro Yanagida
Our Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Imazato Branch
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Imazato Branch
The Osaka City Shinkin Bank Fukaebashi Branch


Year  Trading Partner Business work
1965  U.S.A Started import and export in Stainless Steel Wire Cloth, Polyester Stencil Cloth and Precision Resistance Wire
1965  AUSTRALIA Started import and export in Stainless Steel Wire Cloth and Polyester Stencil Cloth
1965  NEW ZEALAND Started import and export in Stainless Steel Wire Cloth and Polyester Stencil Cloth
1966  TAIWAN Started export in Stainless Steel Wire Cloth, Sintered Mesh and Loom
1968  SWITZERLAND Started import in Stainless Steel Wire Cloth
1970  PAKISTAN Started export in Industrial Film and Release Paper, for Automobile Industry
1976  THAILAND Started export in Industrial Sheets, for Interior Decoration Industry
1987  KOREA Started import and export in Stainless Steel Wire Cloth, Polyester Stencil Cloth, and Bearing of Loom
1989  CHINA Started import and export in Various Meshes and Parts of Loom
1990  SINGAPORE Started export in Perforated Sheets, Filter Paper and Polyester Stencil Cloth
1990  INDONESIA Started export in Perforated Sheets, Filter Paper and Polyester Stencil Cloth
       These Tradings are currently in process…


  • Slitted mesh (slit mesh)

    We provide the Slitted meshes which have corner parts prevented from getting frayed.
    We can slit it to any custom width as your requested.
    Please advise us the width, mesh count and quantity you need.
    We are looking forward to a contact from you.

  • Welded mesh (by spot welding machine)

    Our Welded meshes are used in the Internal-combustion engine for Cars.
    Japanese cars request high quality.

    Of course, we have processed the anti-fray.
    Please take our welded meshes as a trial.

  • Metal stamping

    We can provide you Metal stamping meshes.
    Our Metal stamping meshes are mainly used in Internal-combustion engine for Japanese Cars, Air-conditioning filter and Water filter.

    If you need, we will be able to process the anti-fray.

  • Screen Printing Meshes (Stainless Steel or Poly-stick)

    Our Screen Printing Meshes are High Quality, Economical and Prompt Delivery.
    Our Fine Meshes are used in various things, for example Commodity, Cars and Electronics Manufacturing.
    As to the Meshes of Stainless Steel Bolting Cloth, we can carender them in 1um unit.

  • Architectural seal

    We can provide adhesive products such as window films for buildings and automobiles, and other use.
    These items give you the profit in making your buildings safer and colorful.

  • Film for printing

    This type of Film is used in commercial and inudusty applications.
    Especially, this type is in good demand in printing for the automobiles and the Electronics.

  • Sintered mesh

    Sintered mesh is made by sintering multiple defferent metals.
    This items are superior in filtration rate, low pressure drop, corrosion resistance,
    resistance to heat and cold, and high mechanical strength.

    We have handled more than “20-layer” sintered mesh many times.

  • Filter Paper

    We can provide a lot of kinds of Filter Paper for you.
    The Filter Paper is the most economical than any other filter media.
    Please contact us, and we will respond for your needs.

  • Perforated Sheet

    We will provide you Round Hole Screens, Minus Hole Screens, Slotted, Herringbone and Square Hole Screens,Slotted Grills, Diamond Screens,Expanded Metar, Triangle Raised-hole Screens, Bridge Screens,Semicircular Raised-hole & High and Low Screens, and Dimple Screens.
    Please contact us.

  • Aluminum paper

    Our Aluminum paper is good quality in Surface smoothness, Gross, Ink adhesiveness and Chromogenic.
    This item is often used in Package and Label.

  • Reed

    We will provide you the reeds which are optimally engineered for the frictionless
    and continuous use on all weaving machines to produce wire and plastic fabrics.

  • Synthetic Filter (Polyester, Nylon, Polyethylene)

    These items are used in many kinds of fields, for example home electronics, industrial products, water and air filteration, and medical fields.
    If you have any worries, please contact us easily.

  • Welded mesh (by seam welding machine)

    Seam welding is a variation of resistance spot welding.
    Please contact us if you need Welded mesh which processed by seam welding machine.

  • Precision resistance wire

    We have treated Resistanve wire for more than 40 years.
    We can provide you a lot of type of this material.
    Please contact us easily.

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