Glass Fiber

Glass Fiber

Glass fibers are formed into filaments each of which is around several to a dozen micrometers in diameter. Glass fibers feature mechanical strength and are used to produce outstanding composite materials. In markets around the world, we offer glass fibers for use in reinforcement of resin and concrete.

Product List

E Glass Fiber

Made by forming glass fibers into several μm diameter, and winding them up in parallel without twist, E-glass fiber has excellent electrical insulation property. It can be processed into various shapes, and is mainly applied in the reinforcement of plastics.

High Modulus Glass Fiber

With higher modulus as compared to E-Glass, High Modulus Glass Fiber enables enhanced performance in composites such as in longer wind blades and lighter weight automotive and aerospace applications.

ARG Fiber

ARG Fiber contains high concentration of zirconia, and has both acid resistance and alkaline resistance at high levels. It is mainly used as reinforcement for Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC) and Calcium Silicate products. It is also used as crack control material for normal concrete and cement mortar. For more than 40 years, it has been widely applied in construction and civil engineering fields.