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FPS Sliding Pendulum Type Seismic Isolation Device
Friction Pendulum System

Feel free for Seismic Isolation, from small to large buildings.


  • Will show the high seismic isolation effect for the lighter load buildings to which the application of multilayer rubber is difficult, because the variable setting of period is possible regardless the weight of the building.
  • A low cost seismic isolation device not only the cost of device itself, but also the cost for modification for seismic isolation of the building.
  • The simple structure provides the ease of construction, and further its compact size does not require space for installation, which is suitable for anti-seismic reinforcement as well. (Retrofit)
  • Always maintain the stable performance because of the excellent durability and less variation of characteristics of the device.
  • The secure maintenance can be just visually conducted.


FPS is a seismic isolation device that consists of the upper/lower spherical plate with sliding surface applied with OILES special coating and the moving disc made of OILES sliding material.

Action of a pendulum

The period of a pendulum is determined by the length of the string regardless the mass of the weight. FPS, utilizing this principle of a pendulum, can set the period with the radius of the spherical sliding surface, and has the function to restore. Further, the double sliding contacts with upper/lower surfaces can provide the larger stroke for displacement with a compact footprint.

Function of OILES Sliding Material

The excellent characteristics of OILES sliding material used as a sliding parts will calm down the severe vibration of earthquake, absorbing and damping the vibration energy.

Basic Characteristics

This graph shows the relation of force and displacement when the certain displacement is applied to the FPS, under the estimation of a severe earthquake.
The design model and the actual measurement show a good match, proving the stable performance of FPS and high design precision.
The restoration characteristics of FPS is indicated in the two lines (bi-linear model), which provides a simple modeling for structural analysis.

Test on a Foreign Matter in the Assembly

No significant change in the friction coefficient is seen as a result of the test to confirm the variation in the characteristics (friction coefficient) of actual FPS when some foreign matter is in the assembly, which proves that the performance as a seismic isolation device is maintained.

Repeated Durability Test

As a result of repeated displacement applied to the FPS with the estimated speed for an actual earthquake wave, it shows the stable characteristics (friction coefficient) which proves the durability of FPS.


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