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A glass roving is a bundle of several glass fiber strands (* 1) that are wound together.

It is a highly versatile product used in various FRP molding methods as base for composite materials.

(* 1) Strand: A basic unit of glass fiber in which hundreds of monofilaments (*2) are spun and bundled at the same time.
(* 2) Monofilament: The minimum structural unit (diameter: about 4 to 28 μm) of glass fiber to be spun.

Nittobo glass fiber rovings have the optimal property on its strand's surface according to application. Its excellent features, such as smooth drawing, uniform strand thickness, and good impregnation, enable homogeneous and high quality reinforced plastic molding.

Roving for FRP For SMC molding, Spray-up molding, Preform molding, FW/pultrusion molding, etc

Roving for FRTP For LFT molding

Roving cloth

Roving cloth is a woven fabric that uses glass roving for warp and weft.

Nittobo's roving cloth uses roving developed for cloth and has excellent resin impregnation properties.

Chopped strand mat

Chopped strand mat is a roll of sheet made by randomly stacking glass strands cut to a certain length together with a binder.

Nittobo's chopped strand mats are high quality glass fiber materials as are produced under the strict quality control using the latest mat machine.

We have a wide range of products with various basis weights, mainly for hand layup and waterproofing work, to meet the needs of our customers.

Surface mat

Surface mat is a kind of chopped strand mat for use in the surface layer of FRP.

By using it as the surface layer of FPR molded products, it helps to form a resin-rich layer on the surface of FRP, which improves the surface smoothness and corrosion resistance of FRP products.

Nittobo's surface mats have great properties in impregnation and affinity with resins, which are especially suitable for hand layup molding, and meke your work excellent.

Chopped strands

Chopped strands are short strands cut to a specified length.

Nittobo's chopped strands can be used in a wide variety of applications according to various molding methods and resin characteristics.

For general-purpose FRP

For general purpose FRTP

Chopped strand with modified cross section (FF)

A high-performance chopped strand that uses Nitto Boseki's unique modified cross-section fiber (FF).

By using a modified cross section, various properties are exhibited as a base material for injection molding, and fluidity, dimensional stability, tensile strength, etc. are improved.

Cut fiber

Cut fiber (PF) is a powdered glass fiber.

Cut fiber (SS) is cut into powder with an aspect ratio (10 to 50) between chopped strand and PF.

By filling with resin, effects such as dimensional stability, crack prevention, surface modification, and heat resistance improvement can be expected.


We handle various yarns for printed wiring boards and industrial materials.Please contact us for several types of glass composition, tex count, filament type, etc.

Glass cloth for electronic materials

An insulating base material that takes advantage of the electrical insulation, heat resistance, and dimensional stability of glass fiber.

Cloth for electric insulation, FRP, and fluororesin

We can supply a wide variety of cloths by making full use of single yarn, twisted yarn and various processed yarns. We have glass cloth for electrical insulation, FRP, and fluororesin.

SOF®(Specialty continuous non-woven fabric )

A continuous fiber non-woven fabric in which glass threads are combined in a grid pattern and bonded with an adhesive without weaving.

We named it glass knitting cloth because it means a cloth knitted without weaving.

We have various types of 2-axis, 3-axis, and 4-axis.

For outer wall reinforcement Click here for details

For waterproof coating Click here for details ※SOF® is a trademark of
Polymer Processing Research Institute, Ltd.

Verre Screen (for roller blinds)

A roll blind fabric with fiberglass coated with PVC.
It supports up to a maximum width of 4 m and has a wide variety of colors.  

Light Shade (illumination cover)

A cover system for ceiling lighting created from a composite material of glass cloth base cloth and fluororesin.
It has excellent nonflammability, dimensional stability, translucency, and diffusivity, and creates a soft space with soft light.

Lexnet™ (insect screen)

Insect repellent net with heat set on a cloth woven with glass thread coated with polyvinyl chloride.

In addition to the characteristics of glass fiber, such as high strength, dimensional stability, heat resistance, and nonflammability, it is coated with polyvinyl chloride, so it has corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and there is no slakking, fraying, or curling. It is a product that is easy to stretch. In addition, due to its calm coloring and beautiful appearance, it has established a unique position as a luxury product of synthetic fiber nets and as a substitute for wire mesh.

Electronic Glass Fiber Cloth