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Wholesale Bamboo

UK Bamboo uses carefully selected suppliers from China, Indonesia and South America to provide a regular supply of high quality bamboo. We bring our bamboo to our warehouse facility by the container load and our buying power allows us to offer larger quantities of bamboo at wholesale prices.

Bamboo is increasingly being used in the construction sector due to its strength and eco-friendly credentials. The first use of structural bamboo in the United Kingdom was at the Gorilla Kingdom in London Zoo, designed by Proctor and Matthews, with bamboo provided by UK Bamboo Supplies.

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Wholesale bamboo pricing is typically used by garden centres that are reselling our products to the public, and for trade and construction customers, such as architects, interior designers, shop fitters, zoos, theme parks, exhibitions, festivals, schools, theatres, television and movie sets, and landscape gardeners.

We can provide retailers with point-of-sale displays with leaflets, and fulfilment services so you don’t need to keep any stock on site.

We can also supply bamboo poles cut to the dimensions you require to reduce installation and fitting times.

Please get in touch with our Bamboo Advice Line on 01825 890041 to discuss your requirements. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to hearing from you.

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