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A Savaria home elevator can make your house fully accessible - on every level - with convenience to carry people with mobility devices, luggage and laundry. And all this comes with luxury options that you choose to suit your personal preferences.

Savaria Vuelift

An extraordinary home elevator, the Savaria Vuelift is a panoramic glass or acrylic lift with integrated hoistway. Offered in a round or octagonal shaped design, the Vuelift offers great flexibility for placement in the home due to its 360 clear construction - beautiful even in the center of a room, attached to a balcony or mezzanine, or in the center of a spiral staircase. To fully explore all this product offers, please visit

Traditional Hoistway Elevators

Savaria makes a range of elevators for residential use including the new Zenith home elevator featuring an ultra-quiet drive system with machine roomless option. We also offer the Savaria Infinity, with smooth riding hydraulic drive and our best-selling Savaria Eclipse elevator with its chain drive system. Our traditional elevators are fully automatic and operate with the touch of a button. All of these products offer the same wide selection of finishing options for the elevator cab interior, operating fixtures and doors or gates. Our cab configuratorhelps you visualize how the elevator will look with virtually any combination of factory-provided options.

A Simple Through-the-floor Lift

The Savaria Telecab is an accessibility lift that can service two floors. The enclosed cab travels on a tower that houses the motor and drive, and the tower is secured to a support wall. With a simple floor cut-out, the lift operates up and down with constant pressure controls without the need for a constructed hoistway. Ideally suited for accessibility purposes when a traditional elevator cannot be accommodated, the Savaria Telecab is offered for a 500 lb capacity, or for up to 845 lb with the Telecab 17 model.

Choosing Your Home Elevator

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Your local authorized Savaria dealer is the ultimate resource to provide the best advice on how to accommodate your elevator into an existing home or new construction. The dealer will review the size of space needed for the hoistway, the space needed above the top of the elevator (overhead clearance), the pit space under the bottom of the elevator and if you will need a machine room. An elevator can always be added to an existing home; your local dealer can recommend how to do this efficiently and with minimal disruption. If you are building a new home, it's important to start early in the process so that all work by others can be planned in advance.

Selecting all the finishing touches
Savaria offers a full portfolio of materials to finish the inside of your elevator. From traditional hardwoods, to modern laminated MDF, you can explore them all with our configurator. Fixtures, including the cab operating panel, handrail and hall call stations are available in different metal finishes to work with your home décor. Add gates and doors including optional Auto Slim doors featuring fully automatic sliding doors in painted metal or stainless steel.

Why a Savaria Elevator
Savaria has been operating since 1979 and has become a global leader in accessibility, including home elevators. With over 1400 employees, Savaria is invested in this industry including a strong research and development team to continuously improve products. We offer a large selection of factory finish options to build on a range of mechanical drive systems. A top priority for Savaria is safety and we have always been dedicated to meet or exceed safety code standards.

General Info

Savaria provides PDF planning guides for each model of elevator with general dimensions required for the installation. Find the planning guide in the Documents area of the product of interest. A space of approximately 5 feet square is needed on each level for the hoistway construction of a traditional elevator. If you are working with an architect, we also provide downloadable CAD drawings for our elevators as an easy reference tool. Drawings can be found in the Professionals section. 

Code Compliance
In North America, residential elevators must meet ASME A17.1/CSA B44 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators. Codes mandate many requirements including the maximum size of the elevator cab, speed and distance of travel and the types of cab gates or doors that can be used. Savaria elevators are fully compliant with both codes. Your local dealer must also abide by the applicable code during the installation process, including not to exceed the maximum measurement between the elevator door and the landing entrance.

Savaria sells products and parts only to authorized dealers, due to the strict safety requirements that must be met for the installation. A home elevator cannot be installed in any properties that are deemed public or commercial buildings. Savaria home elevators cannot be installed outdoors, but Savaria offers wheelchair lifts that are suitable for outdoor applications.

Home elevators require regular maintenance. You should discuss maintenance options with your local dealer before you purchase. It is important to know ahead of time, that all home elevators should be serviced a minimum of twice a year in order to keep them in good working order. Parts and maintenance are provided through authorized Savaria dealers. All parts must be installed by the dealer.

In some jurisdictions, your home elevator may require an inspection by a third party after installation and before use. Your local dealer will know this and will assist with this process. All Savaria home elevators include a phone for emergency use. The phone will require a landline connection. Regular maintenance helps prevent issues and ensures that parts that wear are replaced appropriately. All Savaria elevators feature emergency manual lowering. Your local dealer can assist you with any service issue and can show you how to use manual lowering. Children should never use a home elevator without adult supervision at all times. For added safety, elevators can be ordered with optional keyed operation to prevent unwanted use. 


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