HyJoist H2 i-Beam


HyJoist H2 i-Beam

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HyJOIST H2S 360 X 90 Engineered Timber


HyJOIST H2S 300 X 90 Engineered Timber


HyJOIST H2S 300 X 63 Engineered Timber


HyJOIST H2S 300 X 45 Engineered Timber


HyJOIST H2S 240 X 90 Engineered Timber


HyJOIST H2S 240 X 63 Engineered Timber


HyJOIST H2S 240 X 45 Engineered Timber


HyJOIST H2S 200 X 45 Engineered Timber


HyJoist H2 i-Beam

Are you looking for a cost-effective, lightweight joist for your commercial building project? HyJoist H2 i-Beams provide a strong, long-lasting structure. At Blacktown Building Supplies, we offer all the materials you’ll need for your next commercial building contract or project.

Benefits of HyJoist H2 i-Beam

HyJoist H2 i-Beams offer many benefits. They’re easy to install, provide an economical floor joist layout and are available in a variety of lengths up to 13.2 metres. HyJoist is manufactured with Type A Bond containing less than 0.3 MGs/L of formaldehyde emissions. These beams are available in all sizes, and are treated against termites. Choose HyJoist H2 i-Beams for a variety of applications, including:
  • Joists for commercial flooring
  • Roof rafters and purlins for low-pitch commercial roofs
Use HyJoist i-Beams to maximise performance of your floor design by specifying its depth, load, span and cost. These economical options will provide great flexibility for flooring installation. HyJoist H2 i-Beams are lighter than other equivalent softwood joists. They are uniform, straight and dimensionally stable, making surfaces within the floor space easier to install. This equals less labour, faster installation time and a solid structure for your floors and roofs.

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