Marble Flooring Pros & Cons – All You Need to Know

Marble has been a popular building material since before the Ancient Grecian times, as that is when marble was first used in construction. Still, in 2020, marble is prized for its elegance and classic style. While it may have been the material of choice for kings and queens, it now can be incorporated into any household. It can be used as countertops, wall tiles, and flooring. Marble flooring offers an instant elevation of appearance. If you are considering installing marble floors, here is what you need to know.

Marble Flooring Pros

Marble tile can make for stunning bathroom walls and flooring.

1. Unique Style

If there is one thing that marble flooring has above all others, it is elegance. It immediately makes a room seem more upscale. There just is nothing that can duplicate real stone, because you can never have a repeat.  No two marble tiles are exactly the same. You will have a job that is unique to you because of the very nature of actual stone.

2. Polish / Light

Polished marble is very smooth and shiny and is an extremely attractive look. It reflects light and can give the illusion that it is translucent. A polished finish also brings out the colors in marble. The darker marbles like nero marquina or bardiglio allow light to glimmer on its surface and look dramatically elegant. Light colored marble like carrara or calacatta are clean and classic and will be aesthetically relevant for years to come. Bear in mind that marble may also be available in honed if you do not want the polished look.

3. Natural Material

Marble is quarried around the world in mountainous regions. It is a natural metamorphic rock formed under heat and pressure. This gives marble it’s usually wavy and/or veined patterns. Marble is 100% natural and earth made. If you prefer natural over synthetic materials, this is the way to go.

4. Maintenance

Routine maintenance is pretty simple. Sweep and use a damp mop, similar to ceramic tile flooring. However, be careful to use cleaners that are safe for marbles.  Use a cleanser that is not too acidic, not too alkaline. We find Mr Clean usually does the trick, or experiment with your favorite organic cleaner.  You will need to periodically reseal your stone. This is not difficult to do. If water does not lay on the surface of the stone like a newly waxed car, it’s time to reseal.  The extra care is worth the spectacular beauty that you will have in your home.

5. Radiant Heat

If you are looking for radiant heat in your floors, marble is a great choice. Because marble is a great conductor of heat, it is ideal for radiant heating systems, which is the best way to combat having a cold floor. Schluter Ditra Heat will also offer an uncoupling substrate to help protect your marble in the years to come.

Marble Flooring Cons

Marble tile can come in various sizes, although each very unique.

1. Installation

Marble tile is more difficult to install than a porcelain tile so a DIY installation can be tricky. Some marble is brittle or may require an epoxy mortar to install, so if you aren’t familiar with installing it you may want to consult a professional. Also, proper prep for the subfloor is crucial. Many people choose to leave it to the pros for these reasons.

2. Cost

The cost of marble tiles varies depending on the type, but generally, they are more expensive than porcelain tiles. But the benefit is that you have a unique and beautiful project  that will be much less trendy than many ceramic tiles. Marble has a timeless quality to it.

3. Repair

Marble is softer than porcelain tile and can be scratched or chipped. But, marble can be resurfaced and repolished (similar to wood flooring) and be made to look new again. Since marble is a natural stone it goes all the way through, so the face can be repaired over and over again. Deep stains, however, may require more finesse to clean and eradicate. But, if you keep it sealed it will be easier to maintain overall.

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