Masonry Scaffold – Mason Frames & Step Frames Explained

May 23, 2018

Masonry scaffold or bricklayer scaffolding are common industry terms that refer to our popular Frame and Brace scaffolding.   This the most common type of scaffold used by contractors of all types, from carpenters and masons to the homeowner on his weekend project. It’s easy to set up and dismantle and allows you to get to the height you need fairly quickly.

The focus for today is on 6’4” step frames, also known as mason frames. They are 6’4” tall and 5’ wide. A set can be braced from a 4’ all the way out to a 10’ bay with a 7’ bay being the most common length. The step frame has what looks like two ladder rungs on one side of it, however those are NOT for climbing. Those rungs are actually meant to be used to rest a plank on to function as a makeshift work bench if you’re working in the middle of a multiple tier set up.

Those rungs are the main difference from the 6’4” walk-thru frames, which are just like they sound, with the entire inside of the frame open to walk through. The step, or mason frames are slightly more versatile in that they offer the rungs to create a work bench. The frames are stackable and are compatible with any of our 5’ wide staging.

As with all of our frame and brace products, we do rent the frames at weekly and monthly rates, as well as sell them out of our rental inventory. If you have a project that scaffold could help with, please get in touch and request a quotation with us.