Metal Coil Drapery

Metal Coil Drapery includes Decorative aluminum drapery, Decorative C-steel  drapery and Decorative stainless steel  drapery.Whatever request you have, Gecho, with the great professional team and over ten years of manufacturing experience, is able to offer customized woven wire mesh to meet your request.

In order to adapt to different situations, our metal coil drapery products utilize a verity of raw materials, among which stainless steel, magnalium and carbon steel are popular. Stainless steel coil drapery, strongly against corrosion, is mainly used for exterior decoration. Magnalium coil drapery, light in weight, anti-corrosive in performance and diverse in color, is preferable for interior decoration. Decorative Metal Mesh Curtains are cost-effective because of its multiple colors and reasonable price.

Metal coil drapery performs well when it has a wrinkle effect like the fabric drapery. The recommended wrinkle effect is 150%-200%. In order to create this kind of wrinkle effect, the minimum width of the drapery should be 1.2 times over the length of the curtain rail, because the drapery is naturally self-diminished due to the spiral structure, when it is hung.

Gecho provides a complete selection of accessories. Customer can choose straight or curvy curtain rail system on their request. It is easy to install the rail system. First, the rail should be fixed into the wall or the place the drapery will used for. Then, you can slide metal pulleys into the rail. Finally, stop the rail ends up.

1.Straight rail system
The rail is manufactured with aluminum alloy and equipped with metal pulleys. Each pulley can bear 80kg weight.
2.Curvy  rail system
Equipped with metal pulleys, the rail is processed with aluminum alloy. Each pulley can sustain the weight of 80kg. It is flexible enough to shape.

Code Material Wire diameter Aperture Thickness Weight
E-2 carbon steel 0.9mm 6.3mm 3/16″ 5.8mm 4.0㎏/㎡
E-6 1.2mm 8.5mm 1/4″ 7.1mm 6.0㎏/㎡
E-7 1.0mm 6.8mm 1/4″ 6.5mm 5.5㎏/㎡
A-01-30 Stainless steel 1.0mm 8.4mm 1/4″ 6.7mm 3.5㎏/㎡
A-02-30 1.2mm 6.8mm 3/16″ 6.5mm 5.8㎏/㎡
A-16-30 1.2mm 8.5mm 1/4″ 7.1mm 5.0㎏/㎡
B-1 Magnesium alloy 1.2mm 8.5mm 1/4″ 7.1mm 2.0㎏/㎡
B-2 1.2mm 6.8mm 3/16″ 6.5mm 2.5㎏/㎡
B-11 1.0mm 5.5mm 3/16″ 5.5mm 1.7㎏/㎡
B-4 2.0mm 12mm 1/2″ 12.0mm 3.0㎏/㎡
 Remarks:May make to order as per required specification, size and color.