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For over 13 years now, MisterMenuiserie, the parent company of Mister Gates Direct, has become a major actor of the gate professional market thanks to its recognized savoir-faire. How ? By specializing itself in the making of aluminium gates, the LabelHabitation group’s company managed to grow into a well-recognized company within the industry. Mister Gates Direct is aiming for the same objectives in the United Kingdom by proposing a broad collection of property equipment to its clients within the most efficient and safe ways possible. No more need to spend hours looking for a bespoke aluminium gate, sliding or dual swing, it is probably available on Mister Gates Direct ! Having the equipment of one’s dreams is possible, at a low cost on top of that.


It is hard to find the perfect aluminium gate when you know exactly what you want. Among the aluminium sliding gates, the aluminium dual swing gates or the aluminium pedestrian gates, Mister Gates Direct proposes a considerable number of equipment from its large well-referenced catalogue. Moreover, all these pieces of equipment are fully european-crafted and recognized as top quality products thanks to our brand’s expertise. It is also good to know that different product lines are available on the website including plain boarded gates, with mixed infills or even metal styled gates. A generous choice of colours is also available for all our products paired up with the possibility of choosing an automation for your gate for a full and convenient experience of your purchase, and that, is priceless !


Investing in an aluminium gate is great, but may not be as simple as we think it is. How to make a choice within the large offer of models available on the website ? Is it possible to get a quote for a gate ? Are advisors ready to help clients ? At Mister Gates Direct, a customer service made of experts is available to help and guide the client through his research of the perfect product, but also through the ordering process and the delivery. In addition, please be sure that all of the listed products of Mister Gates Direct are cautiously examined to be fully able to meet our customers expectations and needs. More than 90% of our French customers are satisfied of our website and would recommend it to their friends and families. Here at Mister Gates Direct, caring about our clients and helping them all the way through is our priority.

Are you looking for a dual swing gate, willing to install a sliding gate or searching for a pedestrian gate ? Just stay here with us, we probably have the product of your dreams ! Finding the ideal aluminium gate is not an easy job. Not only is the number of gates huge, but prices can also be very different from a manufacturer to another. This is why at Mister Gates Direct, we are willing to help you throughout all the process, from the search of your dreamed product to its installation, thanks to the advices of our experts available on our website. Because, yes, setting a gate is not as complicated as it may seems ! Installing a sliding gate can even be very easy. Moreover, please note that a broad range of automation is available for you to equip your aluminium gate with. In need of a rack, a post or a keypad ? You will find these among other useful pieces of equipment for your gates. No doubt people will be envious of your purchase ! We are proposing pieces of carpentry of quality and without intermediaries. Do not randomly contact a gate manufacturer. Prioritize reliable equipment you will find on our website ! We have chosen aluminium as our manufacturing material because of its robustness which will grant your product of an extended lifetime ! Do not go for wooden gates which will require a very specific maintenance from you, unlike aluminium gates that are easily cleaned. What about PVC gates ? These are not as esthetic as aluminium gates which will definitely brighten the entrance of your property ! The choice is yours !

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