Mosquito wire mesh types and benefits

Wire meshes are formed when different types of wires are closely woven together. These wires from durable screens can be used in various industries for various purposes. Mosquito wire meshes are one of the most important types of wire meshes. As the name suggests these wire meshes are used to prevent mosquitoes from entering homes or industrial areas. There are three types of materials with which mosquito wire meshes are generally formed.

Micro wire mesh manufacturers have the best quality wire mesh that you can get online. The three main materials that are used to make a mosquito mesh are-

  1. Fiber
  2. Aluminum
  3. Stainless steel mesh

They have many advantages and traits that make them useful. Some of the main characteristics of mosquito wire mesh are mentioned you below.

There are several different types of mosquito meshes. The types are mentioned below. 

Fixed Mosquito Net: This type of mosquito net is fixed inside the windows and can be operated from inside the room itself. It is one of the simplest forms of mosquito net.

Rolling Mosquito Net: This type of mosquito net is very easy to use. It is made from light quality wire mesh which can be folded when not in use. This feature protects the mesh and makes it a great option for houses.

Sliding Mosquito Net: This type of mosquito net is most commonly used for windows which usually open very little. Sliding Mosquito nets are good for small types of windows and can be installed in different areas. These are very cheap and come in various colors as well. These Mosquito nets can be used in homes for aesthetic purposes as well.

Pleated thread mosquito nets: These types of nets are also very useful. Pleated thread mosquito nets are multifaceted and can be put in any corner or window in the house. They are good for compact windows and small gaps. The pleated mosquito mesh is reversible and works the same in both directions. These nets are a very useful and cost-effective way to give your windows an authentic look and keep your home safe as well.

Telescopic Rolling Mosquito net: These are one of the most advanced types of mosquito nets that can be used in houses and various other buildings. The telescopic mosquito nets are doors and windows without applying any screws and they promote minimum damage. This type of mosquito net can be installed very easily and is known to be a durable option for houses.

How to select the mosquito net for your home?

Mosquito nets can play a very big role in homes. They make up an important material that regulates ventilation, prevents insects from coming in and also work to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the home. Whenever we plan to buy a mosquito net, things like the size of the window, the type of mesh material, the thickness of the mesh must be kept in mind. Here are some important questions thay you should ask while selecting a mosquito net for your home.

  1. While selecting a net for your home, check the dimensions of the window and doors properly. Make sure that you select which places you want to include a net. This step will help to calculate the cost of the net later.
  1. Select which option would be better for your home- Buying a wire mesh online.
  1. You can also choose what kind of mesh you want to use in your home according to the size of your windows. If the size is small then you might want pleated nets. If you want temporary installation then rolling nets can be a good option etc.

Once you have found the right type for your home, you can order for it to be made or buy it from They are the best mosquito mesh manufacturers in India and you can get great quality items from them at good prices.

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