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Having a balcony or small porch/deck in your house is like a bit of a getaway inside the comfort of your own home. If you have any one of those, consider yourself lucky and enjoy the breeze of fresh air with your daily 'chai'. At NITCO, we offer you a variety of outdoor tiles. From garden tiles to tiles for porch, we've got you covered with design ideas and experts that will make your journey of revamping your outdoor space a fulfilling process. Please browse through our options of outdoor floor tiles and outdoor wall tiles to get an idea of what we are talking about.

How To Select The Right Outdoor Tiles

There is a huge difference when we talk about shopping for indoor tiles and outdoor tiles. External wall tiles and floor tiles have to be selected based on specific points that are listed below:

  • Budget :

    If the plan is to redecorate the outdoor area and the rest of the house, then ensure you have a fixed budget. Stick to this budget so you can explore the various options according to the money you wish to spend.
  • Functionality :

    Every space in the house has a purpose. Large outdoors are usually built for children to play, a small deck can be used to keep plants. Pick tiles that best suit the functionality of your outdoor space. NITCO also offers terrace garden tiles and outdoor parking tiles so that you can browse through the options as per your need.
  • Weather conditions :

    According to the place you stay and the weather conditions of your area, you can choose outdoor anti-skid tiles or balcony wood flooring. Understand the weather conditions of your location and the options available, and then make a decision.
  • Finish :

    The finish of outdoor tiles is essential as it determines the look and feel and the functionality of the space. Outdoor stone flooring tiles are one of the best options as most of them are weather and slip-resistant.

Different Types of Outdoor Tiles

Explore the various options you have while considering outdoor patio tiles, outdoor tiles for balcony or tiles for parking area:

  • Ceramic Tiles

    Ceramic tiles are one of the most accessible options as they are easy to maintain, slip-resistant, and perfect for any weather. Ceramic tiles are one of our bestsellers for outdoor wall cladding tiles as they give a stone effect and are easy to install.

  • Vitrified Tiles

    NITCO also has a range of vitrified heavy-duty tiles for outdoor spaces that have to be sturdier and more durable. These tiles are one of the best options for garden path tiles to pick as they give character to your outdoor flooring yet keeping it simple.

  • Stone Tiles

    Stone flooring, as mentioned earlier, is one of the most sought-after options for balcony floor tiles or garden floor tiles as they are more durable and easier to maintain. They also come in anti-skid options so that you can explore the variety of choices available. NITCO also has a Vitrified Elevation collection when it comes to stone-effect wall tiles. Pick your colour from the range of options available.

  • Wooden Tiles

    Outdoor wood tiles are a good option if you don't have heavy rainfall in your area. NITCO's Woodville collection offers you a wide variety of choices when it comes to wooden tiles for your balcony.

  • Parking Tiles

    If you are looking at redoing your garage which is a dedicated parking area for your car or bike, NITCO has a special Parking Tiles collection for you. These tiles are sturdier as this space is subject to more wear and tear.

Our Outdoor Tile Design Ideas

NITCO has a team of experts that can come in and help you select the best option for your balcony tiles or outdoor tiles. They will come in, take the measurement, understand your preferences and suggest the options available. We have a range of design ideas for the outdoors that will help you further.

Benefits of having tiles in the outdoor

Tiles offer you a choice like no other. Whether it's the shape, size, material or finish, you have many options to choose from.
Whether you want to jazz up your balcony, install a patio, redesign your parking area or transform your backyard, there is a range of options available at NITCO.

Shop from our wide range of outdoor tiles at NITCO

NITCO's wide range of exterior wall tiles and outdoor tiles makes us the ideal choice for all your tiles-related woes. Our parking tiles design and outdoor tiles design offers you a selection like no other. Shop from our exhaustive collection of tiles.

Frequently Asked Questions on Outdoor Tiles

  • What type of tile is best for outdoor patios?

    If you have installed a patio where you can spend a pleasant time with your loved ones, it's time you show the space some love. Redesign the patio with outdoor tiles available at NITCO - from ceramic tiles to granite tiles, and there is no shortage of options.

  • Is tile flooring suitable for the outdoors?

    Yes, tile flooring allows you to pick from a variety of textures and finishes. You can also customize the shape and size of your tiles at NITCO. Pick an option that is anti-slippery and antibacterial if you have kids and pets at home.

  • How to decorate a balcony or garden with tiles?

    Tiles can make a space look fresh and unique. The outdoors can be a bit out of theme when it comes to the rest of your house. Give it a calming makeover with nature-inspired or make it look stylish with outdoor granite flooring.

  • Are outdoor tiles slippery?

    You can pick options in tiles that are anti-slippery. Since there is a higher chance of the outdoors being wet for most of the year, whether it's rain or snow, it is best to invest in anti-skid tiles.

  • What type of tiles is best for an outdoor wall?

    When it comes to outdoor walls, the options are unlimited. Go for mosaic tiles or stone tiles for a touch of drama and add character to your outdoors with these smart designs.