Pipe fittings are components used to join pipe sections to each other or other fluid control components (e.g., pumps and valves) to construct pipelines. Pipe valves are a type of pipe fitting designed to control the flow of fluid through a pipeline. Both are essential elements of piping systems across a wide range of industries. 

At Seal Fast, we are a premier manufacturer and distributor of pipe valves and fittings. We offer a broad selection of quality products to customers in industries worldwide, including the agriculture, construction, mining, and marine sectors. 

Pipe Fittings & Valves From Seal Fast

At Seal Fast, our pipe fitting and valve offerings include: 

    • Combination nipples Combination nipples are cylindrical connectors used to join two sections of pipe. They can serve as reducing solutions if the pipes have different IDs.
    • King Combination (KC) nipplesSimilar to combination nipples, KC nipples connect two sections of piping. However, they are used when the pipe ends have to be converted to a male NPT thread. 
    • External swage External swage pipe fittings are designed to couple industrial pipe assemblies. They are swaged or crimped onto the end of the pipes to create a permanent joint. 
    • Pipe nipples Pipe nipples have male threads on both sides. They are used to connect straight-end pipes.
    • Pipe couplings Pipe couplings are short sections of pipe that are used to extend the length of the pipe and/or alter the size of the pipe end. They have female threads at one or both ends. 
    • Hammer unions Hammer unions facilitate quick connections between pipelines in the oil and gas industry. 
    • Flanges Flange pipe fittings form a rim that protrudes radially from the end of a pipe. The rim has holes that allow it to be bolted to another rim, forming a strong connection between two pipes. 
    • Valves Valves are mechanical components used to start, stop, and otherwise control the flow or pressure of fluid within a piping system. 

Types of Pipe Fittings and Valves

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Fundamentally, pipe fittings connect one pipe section to another to extend the length of the run, change the direction of flow, and/or modify the volume of flow within a piping system. They are available in various designs, configurations, and materials to suit different piping applications. Some of the most common types are:

  • Couplings, such as cam and groove, dry disconnect, quick-release, and instantaneous 
  • Unions, such as hammer, ground, and flange 
  • Nipples, such as barrel, weld, swage, and hexagon
  • Flanges, such as blind, orifice, reducing, socket weld, and threaded
  • Valves, such as ball, butterfly, disk, gate, and check 

Applications and Industries

Pipe fitting and valves find use in a wide range of industries and applications, including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Industrial water. Pipe fittings and valves are used to direct water and wastewater through the processing lines in industrial facilities. 
  • Wastewater treatment. The wastewater produced by industrial, commercial, and residential facilities must be treated before it can be reused or distributed back into the environment. Pipe fittings and valves are key elements of the pipelines used to carry wastewater from the source to the treatment plant to the end-user. 
  • Oil and gas. Oil and gas pipelines utilize durable fittings and valves to transport valuable resources across long distances. Valves are also incorporated into safety mechanisms that prevent dangerous pressure conditions.
  • Manufacturing. Manufacturers use a wide variety of process piping to produce everything from chemicals and pharmaceuticals to glass and metal products. Valves and pipe fittings help transport and control process fluids for safe and reliable manufacturing operations.
  • Residential and commercial construction. Residential and commercial construction project often require the installation of plumbing for various purposes, from drinking water systems to sewer pipes. Each piping system requires specific fittings and valves to ensure optimal operation.

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