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Elevating Your Standard Of Living

Quality. Beauty. Safety.

At Residential Elevators, we are dedicated to providing homeowners with elevators that increase accessibility and convenience in their homes. If you are building or currently have a multilevel home, consider adding one of our custom-built home elevators.

Build your elevator

The Leading Home Elevator Company

As a residential elevator company, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and customer service. There are many benefits to working with us, including:

  • Full-service company: We are a family-owned business and the only full-service elevator company in the country. Our employees handle the manufacturing, design and installation of each of our elevators. No one outside our company builds our elevators.
  • Expert staff: Our staff members are the most talented in the business, and we’ve set the standard as an expert home elevator company. They are committed to providing the best customer service possible and helping you create your dream elevator.
  • High-quality materials: As a residential elevator manufacturer, we understand the importance of using the best materials to create elevators that are safe and innovative, and our materials reflect our dedication to craftsmanship. Our elevators are commercial-grade quality at a more affordable cost. We use cabinet-grade seven-ply plywood and solid hardwood trim on all of our elevator cabs. Quality and safety are our priorities for our elevators. While you may find a lower price point elsewhere, you will likely get what you pay for. A top-quality home elevator is worth the investment.

Custom Design Options

We can create whatever you may have in mind by pulling from your ideas and ours and using striking materials. We’ve created stainless steel cabs, all-glass cabs and more.

Our customizable interior features include:

  • Lights: Choose from standard single LED lighting or one of our three colors of 2 and 4 quadrant LED lights.
  • Wood and stain: We offer maple and oak wood as standard options as well as many upgrades like natural walnut, cherry and sapele as well as 20 stain options for you to choose from.
  • Handrails: Our handrails function as both a safety feature and an opportunity to accessorize. They come in a variety of materials, styles and colors.
  • Gates: Our gates are built for safety and designed to tie in aesthetically with the overall cab design. We have accordion-style and scissor-style gates that can be manually or automatically opened and come in a wide selection of colors and materials.
  • Accessories: Our elevators provide you the choice to accessorize to match your style. Glass full and half walls, full and half wall mirrors as well as many other options to make your elevator one of a kind.

Whether you want a traditional or modern look or something in between, our expert design and manufacturing team will work with you to bring it to life.

Learn more about the Residential Elevator difference today.

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Cab Designs

5 Custom Design Series To Choose From

Most Popular: Simple and sleek design.

Traditional: Elegant design with picture frame molding.

Colonial: Timeless design perfect for windows.

Sophisticated: Grand recessed panel style.

Bold: A variety of routed designs to appeal to any aesthetic.

Distinctive: Perfect for cottage and coastal designs

RUSTIC: Touch of country living with flat hardwood molding

CONTEMPORARY: Modern, Sleek and Sophisticated

You dream it, we build it.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I have recently installed an elevator from Residential Elevators at my beach condominium on Sea Island, Georgia. I had the good fortune to work with your company who handled the entire project for me. Living almost 200 miles from Sea Island, I have made several trips there to check on the elevator installation progress, but have depended largely on Residential Elevators over site of the site prep, installation, final operational instructions, telephone installation and registration. In every situation Residential Elevators has been prompt for appointments, courteous, and well informed about the project and its progress.

G. Tarbutton - Sandersville, GA

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