Security Window and Door Screen Mesh Product List

Stainless Steel 304 Security Screen

Stainless steel 304 security screen with high strength and anti-corrosion features, ideal for secure window/door insect screen and safety swimming pool fence.

316 Stainless Steel Security Screen

Australia standard 316 marine stainless steel mesh with black powder coated popular for security door screens, offers highest secure and artistic appreciation.

Aerometal Mesh

Aerometal mesh can highly resist to corrosion, abrasion and oxidation, so it has a long service life to be used for window screen, security door screen.

304 Stainless Steel Mesh

304 stainless steel mesh is the most common type window and door screen that is erosion-resistant, and it has important protection and decoration functions.

316L Stainless Steel Screen Mesh

316L stainless steel mesh has strong strength and toughness, it is widely used for insect and mosquito screen to give a comfortable space.

Aluminum Alloy Screen Mesh

Aluminum alloy window screen mesh is lightweight and easy to be installed on window, door or in industry workshop, which has more than 10 years service life.

Prevent Haze Mesh Screen

Prevent haze mesh screen is a new type of window security screen processed by waterproof and electrostatic adsorption technology that can provide a clean space in haze weather.

Fiberglass Mesh

Fiberglass mesh is environmentally friendly without volatile odor, and it has superior flame retardant properties used for window insect screen mesh.

Polyester Mesh Screen

Polyester mesh is very durable that can be frequent used without damage, and it can work well in windy weather or other extreme climate.

Knife-resistant Screen Mesh

Knife-resistant screen mesh possesses good metal properties such as high tensile strength and hardness used for security window screen for 8 years without damage.

Micro Mesh

Micro mesh is a fine window screen with smooth surface and it will not be covered with dust after being used for a period of time.

Plisse Mesh

We can provide three types of plisse mesh window insect screen that are innovative and functional screens to show an unique effect and give safe privacy space.

Sun Shade Window Screen

Sun shade window screen possesses two superior abilities of sun shade and ventilation, which can create pleasant indoor environment and even outdoor leisure space.

Anti-pollen Screen

Anti-pollen screen mesh plays a very important role in filtering out pollen and dust while allowing fresh air and soft sunshine to enter.

Galvanized Steel Security Screen

11 mesh hot dipped galvanized steel security screen black power coated is more economic and higher strength than stainless screen, popular in Australia market.

Aluminum Expanded Security Screen

Black powder coated expanded aluminum mesh security screen for windows and door, more strong than woven wire window screen.

Perforated Aluminum Security Screens

2 mm thickness perforated aluminium mesh window or door screening with black polyester coated keep burglary and vandalism out, let fresh air in.

7 mm Aluminum Diamond Grille

Anti-theft 7 mm aluminum diamond pattern security grilles for doors and windows security mesh, strong and durable, shear strength meets Australian standard.

Aluminum Guard

Aluminum guard panels for security door and window grid mesh, can be installed together with stainless steel security insect screening for more strength.

Security Window Screen

Security window screen from stainless steel 304/316, bulletproof, anti-theft, anti-fly, lets fresh air flow into your home.

Stainless Steel Security Door Screens

Security door screens produced by high tensile AISI316 marine grade stainless steel wire coated black epoxy powder, is not easy to cut and break.

Screens Accessories and Tools

We are also professional to supply various accessories and different tools for security insect screens production and processing.

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