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Technical staff, sixth year

Production Department, Technology Development Division,
Technical Development Group

Yuta Seki


Joined Nippon Steel SG Wire Co., Ltd. in 2015 after graduating from university with a major in mechanics. Following introductory training, transferred to Suzuki-Sumiden Stainless Steel Wire Co., Ltd. and posted to the Production Department, Technology Development Division, Technical Development Group.

I would like to contribute to society while engaging in my favorite things.

———Please tell me about your current work.

As the name of the division indicates, I am in charge of a series of activities related to the development and manufacturing of stainless steel wire. Specifically, my main task is to process stainless steel rods and add characteristics to finish them into stainless steel wire that meets each customer's requirements. In addition to that, it is also my role to clarify the cause of any product defects that may occur at the factory.

My main trading partners are companies that manufacture springs for automobiles, using our materials, along with screws for building construction, wire mesh and others. We receive a variety of specific requests according to the application—such as "We want something that is easy to process," "We want something very hard" or "We want something with high gloss"—so everyday, everyone considers how we can meet these demands through our manufacturing conditions and processes. The main point of our skills is to show how we can best utilize the original stainless steel wire materials.

———Why did you join Nippon Steel SG Wire Co., Ltd.?

Originally, I liked automobiles and motorcycles. I was searching for a company that would allow me to be involved in my favorite things and contribute to society. One of the important parts in an engine is called a valve spring. I learned that Nippon Steel SG Wire Group holds the world's number one share in the production of oil tempered wire materials, and that got me interested.

It's fun to make the steel wire that is my goal.

———How did you feel after joining the company?

Before I joined the company, I had almost no knowledge of wire making, and I thought that it would be simple. However, after engaging in the actual work, I found that it is possible to make a wide variety of stainless steel wire by changing the ratios of various components such as nickel that make up the stainless steel, or by changing the manufacturing process. I realized then that "This is such a deep thing." I was deeply impressed.

———What do you find rewarding?

After hypothesizing that "If I do it this way, I'll be able to make it well," I feel satisfaction when a job is completed as I intended. Of course, it is very regretful when it does not go well. Also, after extensive testing, I can say "I did it!" in my mind when I find the true cause of a problem.

———Do you have a place to share opinions or give suggestions about your work?

There is a weekly meeting to report about the work of the previous week, and I think that this is a good place to discuss what I care about or think about the work. Even though I have relatively little experience, I have proposed introducing a new production method. Although we call it a meeting, we can all speak casually. The director of our division also attends, but we do not feel nervous at all.

It is unlikely for me to hold a job alone. This is a workplace where we talk as equals and place importance on sharing and solving problems, rather than only being unilaterally instructed from above. To me, it is an open and easy-to-work-in environment, a place where my boss might ask me, "What do you think about this matter?"

———Are you able to take time for yourself, outside of work?

During the Golden Week, Obon Festival and New Year's holidays, plant operations stop for about 10 consecutive days, and we can take a break accordingly. I also have the impression that I can take appropriate social vacations. That makes it easy to travel, and I can enjoy my hobbies of driving and snowboarding. I find that it is easy to feel refreshed.