How Much Does SPC Vinyl Flooring Cost?

National Average Range:
$1,200 - $2,000
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Whether you call it stone plastic composite flooring or solid polymer core flooring, SPC vinyl is a tough, durable, and attractive flooring option for any room. Made with a limestone and vinyl core, this material mimics hardwood floors but is nearly indestructible.

SPC is considered a subtype of luxury vinyl plank flooring. Like LVP, SPC comes in planks of various thicknesses, colors, and styles. It can be click-locked or glued-down and used in all areas.
The national average cost range for installing SPC is $1,200 to $2,000, with most people paying around $1,700 for 200 sq.ft. of installed 20 mil SPC with an imprinted wood-grain pattern. This project’s low cost is $1,000 to install 200 sq.ft. of 15 mil SPC with a printed pattern. The high cost is $2,600 for 200 sq.ft. of installed 40 mil SPC with an exotic wood-grain pattern.

What Is SPC Vinyl Flooring?

SPC vinyl is a luxury vinyl plank flooring. Its bottom and top layers are made of the same durable vinyl as LVP. It can have a printed or inlaid pattern and comes in many thicknesses. LVP is different because of its core, which is limestone and polymers. This is where it gets its name - stone-polymer, stone-plastic, or solid-polymer core, depending on the brand and packaging.

The addition of limestone to the core material makes it incredibly tough and durable. This flooring is very rigid and does not crack, chip, or break. It can last for decades once installed and is waterproof and very low maintenance. You can install it in any room, including bathrooms and basements, and it holds to high traffic use.

SPC Vinyl Flooring Cost Calculator

SPC is similar in many ways to LVP and other vinyl flooring types. It comes in several thicknesses, with 12 mil being the thinnest and least expensive, 20 mil being standard, and 40 mil being exceptionally thick and comfortable underfoot. SPC can also have a printed or inlaid pattern, with the latter being higher quality. This means thinner printed floors are less expensive and less attractive than the thicker and inlaid floors.

Below is the average cost for installing different qualities of SPC vinyl flooring in 200 sq.ft. quantities.

SPC Vinyl Flooring Costs
Zip Code Sq.Ft.
Basic Standard Best Quality
SPC Vinyl Flooring Cost (Material Only) $700 - $750 $800 - $1,200 $1,200 - $1,400
SPC Vinyl Flooring Installation Cost (Labor Only) $300 - $400 $400 - $800 $800 - $1,200
Total Costs $1,000 - $1,150 $1,200 - $2,000 $2,000 - $2,600
SPC Vinyl Flooring Cost per Sq.Ft. $5.00 - $5.75 $6.00 - $10.00 $10.00 - $13.00

Like other LVP types, SPC can be installed as a click-lock or glue-down flooring. This impacts the installation cost, with glue-down being slightly more expensive. Click-lock flooring should only be used over a very smooth and level substrate. If your subfloor is not perfectly level, you may need to use the glue-down version for best results.

Pros and Cons of SPC Flooring

SPC is durable, waterproof, and low maintenance. The limestone core helps it withstand high-traffic situations without wear. This makes it one of the longer-lasting vinyl flooring types. It also comes in many colors, styles, and thicknesses.

However, SPC is very rigid, making it difficult to handle. It is less attractive for DIY homeowners who may want an easy-to-install floor. Using this floor in a glue-down installation can be very hard to remove if you decide to switch to another material.

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Additional Considerations and Costs

  • Underlayment. Underlayments are not recommended for SPC flooring, except for a vapor barrier in wet areas.
  • Radiant heating. You can install your SPC over radiant floor heating. The cost of radiant heating is $10 to $25 a sq.ft.
  • Vinyl vapor barrier. If you install your SPC in a damp area, you may want to use a vapor barrier to eliminate moisture. This costs $100 to $150.
  • Smoother transitions. When installing this material in a room abutting another space with different flooring, you may want to use a transition strip called a threshold. The cost of this material is $5 to $30 each.
  • Pets. SPC is a good material to use in homes with pets. It is not impacted by waste and does not stain or scratch.
  • Sustainability. SPC is not considered sustainable flooring because it is made of plastic and cannot be recycled.
  • Subfloor. Click-lock SPC should be installed over a smooth and level subfloor. However, glue-down SPC can be installed over a subfloor


  • What does SPC mean in vinyl flooring?

This means the material’s core contains stone - limestone dust. This makes the floor more durable.

  • How long does SPC vinyl flooring last?

SPC can last for 50 years or more with proper installation. This is a very durable flooring.

  • Is SPC better than LVT?

SPC is a subtype of LVT or LVP. It is more durable than solid-vinyl materials, however.

  • Does SPC need an underlay?

No, you do not need an underlay for your SPC unless you require a vapor barrier in a wet area.

  • Can you scratch SPC flooring?

SPC is scratch-resistant. You can scratch it if you work hard enough, but everyday use should not affect it.

  • Is SPC flooring fireproof?

SPC is considered flame-retardant, and many types have a Class A fire rating.

  • Is SPC flooring hard to walk on?

SPC is more rigid than other vinyl floorings. However, the thicker materials are easier to walk on than the thinner materials.

Cost to install SPC vinyl flooring varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.


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