trestle scaffold definition

trestle scaffold means a working platform supported on trestles, stepladders, tripods and the like.
trestle scaffold means a scaffold in which the supports for the platform are any of the following which are self-supporting:
trestle scaffold means a scaffold in which the supports for the platform are stepladders, tripods or similar movable contrivances;

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trestle scaffold means a working platform supported on trestles, stepladders, tripods and the like; [trestle scaffoldins by reg 2 of GoN R1791 in G. 11497.]
trestle scaffold means a working platform supported on trestles, stepladders, tripods and the like.■ 2. Personal safety equipment and facilities
trestle scaffold means a working platform supported by trestles, stepladders, tripods or the like.

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