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Painters and Builders Trestles Scaffolding System

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Builder’s trestle scaffolding system offers an easy and inexpensive way of creating an elevated platform that is suitable for activities such as painting. According to Collin’s dictionary, trestle refers to a framework that consists of horizontal beams connected to two pairs of sloping legs that act as a table or platform. A trestle is a type of scaffold designed to aid in light duty work, therefore extensions should never be added to the scaffold’s legs.

Painters and Builders Trestle Scaffolding System


Painters and builder’s trestle scaffolding system is a flexible and highly secure work platform that is ideal for simple tasks in construction or maintenance projects. Setting it up is easy, and because of its structure, it need not be dismantled for storage – it can be easily relocated on site for storage purposes. Trestle scaffold has adjustable legs that can be increased or decreased in height to suit the situation. With minimal components, setting up, dismantling, storage, and maintenance are all easy aspects of this scaffold.

Normally, trestles are wooden structures that are used by carpenters. But, with an ever growing construction industry, there is an increasing demand for different types and sizes. Specially or custom designed aluminium trestles are intended to be flexible and adjustable. Their height can be adjusted between 7 and 12 feet to provide adaptability to various simple tasks.


Builder’s Trestles

Builder’s trestles are used in combination with scaffold boards to create a safe working platform. They are also known as steel trestles, or bandstands. These are available in four different sizes:

  1. Size 1 – 490 mm to 650 mm
  2. Size 2 – 770 mm to 1200 mm
  3. Size 3 – 1040 mm to 1770 mm
  4. Size 4 – 1320 mm to 2220 mm

Aluminum Trestle Ladder

Aluminum trestle ladders are available in different sizes, ranging from 1.2 meters to 4.8 meters. Their weight ranges from 10 kg to 37 kg, respectively. These are the vertical, sloping, pair of ladders in the shape of a triangle on either side of the platform. They provide vertical support to the trestle platform.


Trestle Handrail System

When working at height, there is an imminent danger of falling off. To prevent dangerous falls, a scaffold should be equipped with a trestle handrail system. A handrail system provides a safe working platform for workers by preventing them from falling over. The system consists of end panel, side or end gate, standard or mini panels (depending on project requirement), ladder bracket, double post brackets, two outriggers, and toe board clips.


Trestle Stay

Trestle stay aims to keep the scaffolding system locked in place. It is a supporting tool that strengthens the scaffold’s stability. It completes the triangle shape of the trestle, and can be positioned at different heights on the trestle scaffold.

Plank Locking Device

When multiple planks are positioned together, there is the danger of them being pushed away. A plank lock serves to keep the planks connected together in one place so as to provide a stable and sturdy platform for workers.


Heavy Duty Plank

Trestle planks have four rubber strips along their length to offer firm grip. Heavy Duty Planks are available in sizes ranging from 2 meters to 6 meters. Their weights range from 7.2 kg to 21.5 kg. However, if required, these planks can also be customized according to the client’s requirement.



Now that you are familiar with the components, you are all set to erect a trestle scaffold. Here is a useful video that you can watch to get a better idea of installation.

Builder’s Trestle for Sale/Hire

Most companies ask for a call or email so they can give an estimate based on the requirement of a project. Painter’s and builder’s trestle scaffolding system can be purchased as an entire system, or in components. If you buy an entire system, you are probably going to save some money as compared to when you purchase independent components. But, again, it depends on the project’s requirement.

They are available for both sale or rent. If you decide not to invest in a trestle scaffolding system, you can always hire it for as long as you want.

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