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    20+ YEARS Of Experience

    VIVA is a leading and renowned company in India that manufactures Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP Panel).

    Having etched a legacy of 2 decades, we at VIVA are confident that our aluminium composite panel sheets (ACP sheets) have got what it takes to turn your dream into reality. The testimony of our roaring success lies in the fact that in a trice, VIVA’s ACP sheets has acquired the top 3 ranks amongst its other worthy competitors.

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    1st in India to introduce
    • Aluminium Corrugated Panel
    • Corten Steel Series
    • Natural Stone Series
    • 7 Production Lines
    30,000 Sq. Mt. daily production capacity
    Only Indian company to have earned the highest fire safety accreditation NFPA 285
    2 color coating lines with a width of upto 1670mm

    Type of ACP Sheets

    Projects Snippets

    Landmarks that tell a story

    Enpro Location, Pune

    Area: 7,000 Sqft Shade Use: VA-317 & VA345

    City Vista, Pune

    Area: 80,000 Sqft Shade Use: VA-345 & VA114

    Gera Emporium, Pune

    Area: 10,000 Sqft Shade Use: VA-314


    Take a glimpse at our incredible stats


    With a production capacity of 7 million m2 per annum, VIVA takes pride in being among the industry leaders of aluminium composite panel manufacturers in India.


    Our production facilities are equipped with six top-notch Korean ACP manufacturing machines, all of which are powered by solar energy.


    300+ vibrant ACP shades in different colours and textures that will add character and infuse new life to your living space.


    500 stockists combined with 18 warehouses across India has earned us an impressive global reputation in the ACP panel industry.

    Why Choose Us?

    Unrivaled Quality

    We ensure that each of our ACP sheet reflects the passion and skill we spent years developing & perfecting. We take our quality tests very seriously and provide 10-20 years of warranty on our products.

    Technical Guidance and Support

    Our in-house technical department comprises architects, engineers, & planners who are always ready to make your project a dream come true by providing unconditional technical support.

    Strong Distributor Network

    Our 500 dealer network and 18 warehouses across all the major cities of India, South East Asia, Middle East & Africa help us cater to the needs of our domestic & global clients.

    Minimum Environmental Footprint

    We strive to be ahead of the pack by undertaking processes that are planet-friendly. Our production facility is powered primarily by solar energy which generates 850 KWH of power.

    Ensured Fire Safety

    Having a 100% aluminium construction implies the fire triangle is broken by eliminating the fuel element, preventing flaming droplets & hazardous fumes from being emitted during tragedies.

    Consistent Durability

    VIVA’s ACP sheets are backed by a multi-year warranty. Even the most brutal weather conditions do not stand a chance to threaten our ACP's pliability, processability, and elongation properties.

    Our Brands

    Client Diaries


    We are happy to integrate Viva Rain Screen System along with customized shade VA 102 silver ACP sheets on the exterior of one of our prestigious projects. The SNDT Vaishnav College Library Building, Chennai. The combination of the Viva Rain Screen System and ACP panel has added a unique character to the facade. Also, the silicone-free installation makes the facade design aesthetically much attractive

    Mr. Shripal Munshi SVA - Shripal and Venkat Architects, Chennai

    We have used Viva FR A2+ Aluminum Corrugated Core Panel in our project Softkey Emerson at Nashik. We are completely satisfied with the quality and delivery commitment shown by Viva Aluminium Composite Panel. We would surely use Viva ACP Panel in our future projects. We wish Viva great success in all their Endeavours

    Mr. Anup Lalwani ARCHITECT, Softkey Solutions Nashik.

    One main criterion for material selection of the façade for the client was that they needed a maintenance-free material and for the same reason we dropped out the using actual corten steel. Using Viva ACP sheets eliminated the need for plaster and paint work, which eventually needs some work after 4-5 years. Also, we got the required look, without any compromise and majorly it went quite cost-effective compared to using actual corten steel.

    Client Portfolio

    Loyalty above Everything


    • An overview of VIVA's ACPs

      As a successful manufacturer of ACP panels for over two decades, we have always valued customer satisfaction above all else. Known for their unrivaled quality, and exhilarating shades and textures, our ACP sheet designs are unmatched in the industry. We offer a wide array of ACP cladding that are suitable for improving the aesthetics of commercial buildings as well as residential properties. Our Pan India presence and robust network have enabled our Aluminum Composite Panels to gain a much-deserved reputation as a trusted product for top national and international brands.

    • How to install Aluminium Composite Panels?

      One of the most common methods of installing ACP sheets is utilizing a tray type (rout and return) panel and sealing joints. This is commonly used for renovation projects and new buildings. Aside from these, hanging, dry gasket joints, narrow open joints, Bullen screws, padding, and sealers can also be employed to install aluminium panel sheets. To ensure a seamless and risk-free installation of ACP cladding, we strongly recommend that you contact a facade consultant. A large part of their job entails monitoring ACP panel supplies at production sites and assisting with investigations of reported failures and defects.

    • What are the applications of ACP panels?

      The versatility of ACP sheets has made them a favourite construction material among builders and interior designers.
      Applications of ACP boards are not limited to external building cladding but can also be extrapolated to Partitions, False Ceilings, Ducting, Signage, Machine Shells and Coverings, Container Construction, etc.
      Aluminium panel sheets are also widely used in shops and commercial offices to cover columns, beams, etc.
      Not to mention, ACP panels are widely being used in Point-of-purchase (Pop) Displays, Exhibits, and Kiosks; Telephone Booth, Interior Components of Transportation Vehicles, such as Ships, Trucks, Passenger Cars, Cold Storage Car Body; and Fine Art Applications.